Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colored denim and a few spring purchases

Colored denim is everywhere right now.  I love the idea of it, but colored jeans can be tricky to fit.  They usually have a lot of stretch in them, which is good, but also can emphasize every lump and bump. 

I tried the J. Crew toothpick jeans in festival green, and I love the color.  Perfect green for spring and summer.  For reference,  I am wearing a size 27, which is snug in the waist, but I know they are going to stretch and the 28 was too big everywhere else.   I took pictures of my backside to be sure I wasn't looking like a green sausage in a casing, but I'll spare everyone those pictures. 

I love these with black and white as shown here, but I think they will be amazing with navy and white for spring.   I threw on wedges and I love that look with the ankle length toothpicks.   They'll be cute with flip flops too.  

American Eagle Outfitters (I know I know, I am not 17) also has some really cute colored denim.  I tried these on in pink and they were adorable.  Much easier price to swallow than J. Crew, too.  They also had red, blue, yellow and white.  All really nice, saturated colors and fit on the smaller side for me (I am a 4/6 and the 6 was perfect in these- I couldn't get the 4 pulled up all the way, probably because I am not 17!).   I think the pink (and the red, but I already have these red pants from Ann Taylor), would be great with navy as well.  Or a white tee and a denim jacket. 

Speaking of navy and white... I received a J. Crew rewards card yesterday and immediately got these 2 lovelies. 

Ripplestitch sweater in stripe- navy/white.  Will look great with the jeans above, and with my white cropped jeans from last year.   I thought this ran small by J. Crew's standards.  I got a small. 

and the Fanfare popover in navy/white.  I LOVE this.  The fanfare print is all over J. Crew right now, but I am trying not to go overboard with it like I usually do with prints.   This was typical J. Crew sizing, and I took an XS. 

Well, its 60 degrees outside here in New Jersey, so I am going to get off of the blog and take my 2 year old outside for a bit.  Have a great day, all!