Monday, February 13, 2012

Long time, no blog!

Its been crazy over here!  I've been busy working and doing the usual kid stuff, and last week, I was a tv star.   Well, sort of.  Maybe more like an extra.  My friend Heather's husband surprised her by applying to be on a new HGTV show, "Momcaves" so that she could have a space of her own in their house.  Isn't that sweet?   He also asked me if I would want to be filmed shopping with her and going on "inspiration trips" for the room.   How could I say no???  So we spent most of last week in the city bopping from store to gallery to trendy hotel being filmed with the host of the show, Beth Stern (wife of Howard).   It was totally embarrassing but totally fun.   And Heather's new room is really cool.  Maybe I'll give my faithful readers a heads up when it airs.  

We had to dress casually for the show, but I liked my outfits, so I'll have those coming.  I have also been dress shopping a lot lately- we have a wedding and a fundraiser coming up, so I'll share what I bought.  

For now I have to run to the bus stop and then to the library for my older daughter's Dr. Suess project.  The excitement never ends over here! 

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