Thursday, January 19, 2012


So, I have been doing well since the slip up over the weekend.  In honor of that, here's an outfit from my closet!   Again, please excuse the quality of the iphone pictures.  Also, you should know that the best full length mirrors in my house are in the form of 1980s fab mirrored closet doors in my younger daughter's bedroom.  So you'll be seeing her things in the background from time to time! 

Anyway, the outfit.  Some people have an aversion to black and navy together.  I am not one of those people.  I don't usually do solid black on navy, but I have no issue with mixing them if there's a print or pattern involved.  This is the JCrew Striped Sweater Dress in an XS.   I think the body of it is a little big but I don't think I could have sized down in the arms.   The dress definitely looks better on me when its belted, but I wasn't in the mood to fuss with a belt all day while I ran my kids all over the place to activities and such.  Its currently $89.99 with an extra 30% off online, and 40% off in stores.  Final sale, so try it on if you see it in a store since it runs big!  Leggings are Hue, size S.  I am obsessed with these leggings.  They have a wide waistband that holds the muffin top in and they are a nice thick knit.  I have worn them a million times and the black hasn't faded at all.   Boots are Franco Sarto from last year, and the necklace is the cutie locket that I picked up at Ann Taylor.  I've been wearing it with everything lately. 

 Have a great Thursday, all!

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