Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bloomingdales Friends & Family until 4/1!

Just a reminder that Bloomingdales is running 20% off until tomorrow.  I was so excited to see that Tory Burch was included in the promo that I ordered these wedges for Spring Break (going to Florida).   If you are ordering online, you can also click the link at the top to enter your email address for a 10% code that stacks with the Friends and Family.  Mine didn't come immediately so I called customer service and they gave it to me over the phone.  So I ended up saving a good amount on these and cannot wait to get them!!  

Did you take advantage of Bloomingdale's F&F this time?   

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still here...

But my computer is broken so I can only post from my phone which is a huge pain! Lesson learned though- i will not be leaving my laptop on the arm of the couch while my kids are having a dance party again!

Hope everyone is having a good week. Here's a quick try on picture of the J. Crew cafe capris in the Foulard print. They are so cute and I cannot wait to wear them on vacation (in 10 days, woohoo)! I am wearing a 2 and the fit is great. I go between a 2 and 4 in J. Crew pants.

Have a great weekend! I hope to be back in business with the laptop next week!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I want these pants

J. Crew Cafe Capris in Foulard Print. 

And it just so happens that I have a credit to J. Crew burning a hole in my wallet.  I tried these pants on the other day and they are SO cute, and flattering considering they are a floral printed pant.  But they aren't cheap, and I don't know if I will really wear them enough to make the purchase worth it.  I can't really wear them to work, and I don't know if if I will reach for them to run to the bus stop or to Target, you know? 

What do you think?   Would you wear these pants as a (mainly) SAHM? 

See them on Ema and A JC Shopping Habit.   Love!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

J. Crew Factory Reviews- Jackie Striped Cardigan and Bow Ballet Flats

Hello!  2 cute finds at the Crewlet last week.  First is the Factory Striped Jackie Cardigan.  Its no secret that I love stripes and I love navy blue, so this was a winner for me.  I got a small in this one and its fine, but I also bought a solid pink and had to size up to a medium because it was tight in the chest.   So definitely try these on if you can!   I wore it today to yet another Kindergarten birthday party with a coral tank from Target, my 7FAMK Dojos, another beaded necklace that was on sale at my J. Crew a few weeks ago ($19.99), and the Factory Patent Bow Ballet flats in Clay(see below).  You can also see the cardigan on ShopwithM here


Factory Patent Bow Ballet Flats.   I have been on the hunt for a neutral ballet flat and these are perfect.  They were 30% off in the store and ended up being $62 and change.  They run TTS to big.  I am wearing a 9 and they work.  I usually wear a 9 in J. Crew flats but a 9.5 in their heels.  These are on the wider side as well.  They are extremely comfortable, have padding at the heel and haven't required any breaking in.  I think I am going to have to go back to the Crewlet for the red ones (which are an orangey red IRL).   You can see them in the pics above, but here's a close up of my bony feet.

What do you think?  Have you been to the Crewlet lately?  I feel like I have been there quite a bit recently!  Have a great day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

My fabulous (out of season) find

I'll admit it.  I am not usually and end of season or off season shopper.   I need the instant gratification of wearing something the day after I get it and don't usually like to purchase something for the next season in case I change my mind about it or gain weight or whatever.  

Anyway, there are a always exceptions to the rule, and for me they are usually coats and shoes.  Today it was shoes.  I was at the J'Crewlet returning something and since it was so nice out, my younger daughter and I spent the morning walking around the outlets and browsing.   I am always looking for more ballet flats, so we ended up in Cole Haan.  I found myself face to boot with these.  The Air Kennedys that I have been lusting after since September. 

I could not stomach the $398 price tag in the fall, especially since the heel is pretty high for me.   Today, they were $179 and the store was doing $50 off of $150 making them $129.  Score.  I wear a size 9-9.5 and they only had a 9.   I tried them on and they were too small on the right foot so I dragged myself out of there without them.   I thought about them the entire ride home so I decided to google.  Lo and behold, they were on for even less- $119.40 with free shipping.  70% off!  So they are on their way to me right now.  Of course I won't be wearing them right now since it was 80 degrees here today, but I know that I will still love them in the fall. Some things are worth the wait!

Are you an end of season shopper?   What are your best off season finds? 

I do have some outfit pics coming up, I am just lazy with uploading pics!  Have a great day, all!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

J. Crew Review - Talitha Blouse

I am finally getting around to reviewing J. Crew's Talitha Blouse.   I know its been around for a few seasons and in various prints and solids, but this is the first time I've tried it.  As you may remember from this post, I originally ordered it online in Vintage Berry (which was more of a hot pink in person) and was going to return it because I wasn't totally in love with the puffed sleeves and the color wasn't my first choice (I wanted the Wreath green but it was backordered online).  Anyway, I went into my local J. Crew and lo and behold, there was a rack of green Talithas just waiting for me!  I decided to try it on again in a size down from my usual one and I think it works!  I normally wear a size 2 in J. Crew tops, but I am wearing a 0 in this one. 

The color is definitely more "me," and sizing down seems to have solved the overly puffed shoulder issue.  The puff is still there, but the sleeves aren't as full and I think its less pronounced.  Maybe its the darker color too.  The top is also a little shorter in the smaller size which helps it to look more polished and less pajama-ish when it isn't tucked in. 

I decided to dress the blouse down over the weekend to go to a (kid) birthday party and dinner with the family. 

I am wearing the Modern Denim Trousers from Ann Taylor, really old pewter flats from Target, a J. Crew necklace that was on sale by the register last week (I grabbed it in 2 colors), and my favorite Ann Taylor Coiled Bangles (these are a great deal in my opinion- 3 of them are $48 and AT is always doing some kind of promo.  Right now its 40% off of a full priced item making these guys $29).   Aren't they pretty?


What do you think?  Are you a fan of the Talitha blouse?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old Navy (and AT Loft) Reviews- Tons of Graphic tees!

I love tee shirts.  And I love stuff on them too.  I guess it stems from those Banana Republic tees in the early 90s.  You know, the ones with the maps on them.   I know you all had one too.   And then it was the Abercrombie tees in high school.  I may or may not still have one of those.

Anyway, I haven't bought too many tees lately so I was starting to feel some withdrawals.

Here is the Trench Girl Boatneck Tee from Loft.  Its sold out online but my store still had two.  I am wearing an XS but would have preferred the Small.  Its stretchy enough though that I think it still works.  I have a navy skirt that will be great with this tee but I was too lazy to change.  See the tee on Shopwithm.  Her styling is much better!

This one is the 3/4 Sleeve Graphic tee from Old Navy.  Its on sale online for $12.50 but they were $6.94 in the store.  Can't beat $7 for a cute tee.  And its actually a decent weight and length.  Its much thicker than the Loft tee above and the French dove tee from J.Crew as well.  I am wearing a Small and it fits TTS.  I tried to stuff myself into the XS in the red version b/c that was all that they had, but it wasn't happening.   See a few more ON graphic tees on Gigi here.


These are the Slub Knit Graphic tees.  Almost the same as the one above, but these have slits on the sides and are a little shorter in length.   These guys are $9.99 online but also $6.94 in the store.   I am wearing a Small in both colors.

This is Old Navy's Cropped Trench Coat.   The color is Orange Snap, and its definitely a red-orange vs. a true orange.  I like the color a lot but the fit isn't perfect.  Its a little wide in the body but I couldn't have sized down because of the shoulders.  I don't have big shoulders or anything, but I feel like I am constantly having this issue.  Its annoying.  It was on promo in the store for $29.99.   I am definitely in the market for a spring coat and don't want to break the bank on it so I'll probably keep this even though its not perfect.  See it here on Gigi.

Buttoned up.  I like it better unbuttoned, I think. 

Finally, the Rope Print Scarf.  $12.94 in the store.  Love this.  It looks more expensive than is for sure.

Hope you all have a great day!  Its sunny and almost 70 here and we are loving it.  Thanks again for reading and welcome to the new followers! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

J. Crew Review- Merino Tatted Lace Sweater

Hello!  Before I get into the review, can anyone tell me why most of my pics have an inch of white on both sides??  I am new to blogger (and blogging, lol) and I cannot figure it out.  I am copying the URLs from a Shutterfly album.  Is that the problem?   Its driving me insane.  

Anyway, on to more important things like clothes.  Here is the Merino Tatted Lace Sweater from J Crew in Heather Soft Gray.  I don't think this has been that popular since it went on sale pretty quickly, but I love this sweater.   I already own it in the lavender color (called Tender Thistle and looks more pink online than it is IRL) but I couldn't resist getting the gray one with the last 30% off sale promo.  I would not have paid full price for this, but I love it for $55ish.  It isn't itchy, is a nice length on me and the lace effect at the top is really pretty.  I wear a cami or tank underneath but I think it looks cute that way.  I am wearing a Small.

I am wearing it here with my favorite 7FAMK Dojo jeans and a white tank, and these Old Navy flats.  My store had several colors (red, the blue I am wearing, nude, black).   They are kind of stiff but they run a little big so I think my feet will ok.  They are really cute for a cheap pop of color.

Have you tried this sweater?  I think its worth checking out if there's another sale promo!  Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

J. Crew Factory Reviews (and one Boden top)- March

Hello all!  Before I get into the reviews, I just wanted to say thanks so much for reading my blog!  I am super excited to be up to 10 followers.  I have gotten so many styling ideas and tips from many of your blogs, so I am happy to have you here!

I haven't been the the J'Crewlet in a few months even though there's one fairly close to my house.  I love getting basic tees, tanks and shorts there, but I don't usually have luck with button downs or woven tops and I feel like the dresses are usually overpriced.   Anyway, yesterday's excursion was pretty much typical for me.

Factory Lace Popover 
I was hoping that this might be as cute as the Lady Lace Popover, but it just wasn't.  It was cotton instead of the retail version's merino, but that didn't bother me for Spring.  The lace was kind of droopy and cheap looking, and I didn't like how it came to those points at the bottom.   Plus it is pricey for a cotton sweater at a factory store!  I am trying on an XS and it was tight in the arms.  I didn't bother trying the S b/c I knew it wasn't going to work regardless.

I loved how this looked, but I didn't like the fit.  I am wearing an XS which looked good, but it was way too tight in the shoulders.  Like if I hugged someone, the seams were going to split.  The S was too big everywhere else so I had to pass on this one.

I don't see the print that I tried online, but my store had a lot of this colorway.  I liked the paisley but my bra was totally hanging out in the back.  I was trying on a size 2 and it fit well.  Had to pass due to the bra issue.

I was annoyed when I first saw this in the factory store because I bought the retail version 2 weeks ago.   They looked almost exactly the same except that the factory version has more of a seersucker texture.  They even had the same colors.   I felt better when I tried it on though because the factory version was even thinner than the retail one (hard to believe) and the fit was not good.   I tried the XS first and had the same shoulder tightness issues as the popover.  And again the S was too big.  I definitely do better with numerically sized button downs.  Plus this version was $59.50 with no promo in the factory store, and I got it for $60 retail with the last 20% promo.  Strange pricing IMO. 

I bought these for our vacation next month.  I am a sucker for prints and I like how the Carson shorts fit me.  I think the side zip is very flattering.  These were on promo for $29.99 which is significantly cheaper than the retail shorts.  And the solid ones are pretty much exactly the same.   I am wearing a size 4, and am trying to spare you all my pasty white legs and black socks in this picture.  

Here's a closeup of the print.

As if I need more stripes in my life.  But I love these tops from Boden.  I had the heavier fall version in red and I figured the white and navy would be good with all of the colorful pants I've been buying for spring.   This was a work outfit and now that I am seeing the pictures, I think it looks weird with the boots.  I had wanted to wear my cognac heels but they were slipping all over the place and I didn't feel like dealing with it so I threw my boots on at the last minute.  Oh well.  The skirt is a ponte skirt from Ann Taylor that I have worn a lot (here it is in green).  The blue one that I have is still in the stores (and on sale) but I don't see it online. 

Here is is untucked.  I am wearing a size 6 which is what I usually take at Boden.  Kudos to Johnnie for not being a vanity sizer!

That's all for now!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!