Friday, January 6, 2012

My favorite recent (2011!) purchases

Since I had been thinking about putting a stop to my shopping for the new year, I obviously had to buy a few things while it was still 2011.  My birthday is also in December so there are a few gifts in there too, since the gifts were from me, to me.

I bought the Kate Spade Gold Coast Maryanne bag in black when Lord and Taylor had their Friends & Family sale in early December.  Kate Spade is almost never included in these 25% off deals, so I jumped on it.   Good thing too, since it looks like Kate raised the price on this bag by $30 for the new year.   I am obsessed with this bag.  Its big without being bulky, fits all of my stuff (and my kids' things too) and I love the gold chain hardware.   I dream of owning a Chanel classic flap one day (like in 20 years when my last child is out of college), but this will do until then. 

I also bought the Boden Jersey Circle Dress in gold before Thanksgiving.   Its a lot cheaper now.  You can see it on me in the previous post.   I paid around $80 for it during one of the 30% off promos in the fall, and spent $15 to have the bottom part cut off and sewn back on to shorten it a bit.  I am 5'5 and it was hanging below the knee, which isn't a good look for me.   It was worth the $95 total for me because its a really well made, unique dress.  Love it.

I couldn't resist the Black Friday deal on the J Crew Stadium Cloth Elements Coat in Navy.   It doesn't look like the Navy is around on the website anymore, but maybe it is still hanging out in the stores.   This might be the best thing I've purchased this season.  Its super warm without being bulky and huge, and its just so flattering on.  The hood is large but lays nice and flat when its not in use.  Definitely a coat that I'll have for years. 
Here it is on me.  Not the best picture of the coat, but you get the idea.  And doesn't my older daughter look funny all bundled up?  We were in the city (New York) and it was cold out, but she was being very dramatic about it.

Finally, I picked up the J Crew Striped Sweater Dress during one of their promos for $55ish.  This one is little itchy, but cute.  I am really into stripes lately so it works for me.  I have worn it with a white button down like the model, and its adorable.  I do grey tights or leggings with it. 

There are more to come, but I am getting a headache from all of the copying and pasting of pictures into the blog.  And since my younger daughter seems to be taking a nap, I need to get some stuff done around the house!

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