Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh, forget it.

Clearly I am not cut out for an all or nothing approach to shopping.   More specifically, I am not cut out for the NOTHING part.  I think I have a handle on the all. 

I think its the temptation of working in a store.  Or maybe I really have a problem and should be on "Intervention: Shopping Edition."  I don't know.  But I have failed at my January goal.   So I think instead of a total ban on shopping, I am going to give myself a budget and make a list and the end of the month of what I've purchased.  We'll see if that works any better.  

Part of the problem is that I love to read fashion and shopping blogs (see some of my favorites over to the right), so when I read about deals and see fellow bloggers looking awesome I just can't stop myself! 

I have discovered that I like to blog about clothes and shopping.  So I will keep doing that.  So stay tuned for more outfits from my closet and reviews.  And I'll continue to try to keep myself in check.   I've actually done well for January- just the 2 scarves, a shirt, and a few bracelets.  Much better than previous months.  Baby steps and all that. 

Here's what pushed me off the wagon:
Ann Taylor coiled bangle set.
These are awesome.  David Yurman-esque, and you get 3 for a fraction of the price of one DY bracelet.   Remember I get 50% off at work, so this was a good deal.   I had to replace a bracelet that I accidentally bleached anyway. 

Ann Taylor graphic blouse
First of all, I hate the word blouse.  It really bothers me.  Just call it a button down shirt.   Second, I love this one.  Versatile print, fits nicely under sweaters, and looks cute with the red pants that I still haven't worn.  Winning on all fronts.  Except the shopping ban one. 

Have a great Monday, all!  The weather is disgusting here so I am in sweatpants and uggs.  No pictures of that!

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