Monday, July 23, 2012

Shop My Closet!

Its that time again.  In order to make room for fall purchases, I want to sell some items that aren't getting enough love.

Both of these are new, never worn.  The skirt has the tags, the pants don't.   They've both been in my closet since early June so I am past the return deadline and just hoping to send them to a good home! 

J. Crew Jardin Maxiskirt, size 4, in the blue color pictured.   Asking $70 shipped.

J. Crew Cafe Capri in Foulard Print, size 2.  Asking $60 shipped.
Email me at, or reply to this post if you are interested!  Have a great day!

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Fall 2012 shopping plan (so far)...

2 posts in one evening.  I am trying to catch up! 

Fall is my favorite shopping season.  I love boots, jeans, coats and scarves.  I usually go way overboard in the fall, but this year I am attempting to work with what I have.  I do need some new things for work, a new puffy coat (although I guess that's technically a winter purchase), and the perfect pair of black boots, so those are at the top of the list.   I also need to update my long sleeved layering tees, and I would like to add a casual dress or 2. 

Anyway.  I am hoping that I can cross the black boots off of my list since I just ordered the Tory Burch Nadine boots from Nordstrom.  


Love the anniversary sale there.  I have a Nordstrom card so I was able to shop the sale earlier this week before it opened to the public, which was great because my size sold out as soon as the sale opened up to the world today.  Its no secret that I love Tory Burch but even I can't justify nearly $500 for a pair of boots.   I think the sale price is still on the high side but its close enough to the price of Fryes, Cole Haans, and the like that I can justify it.  Whatever works, right?  :)  The reviews so far say that the calves are narrow, which will hopefully work for me.  I don't actually think that I have skinny calves, but I haven't bought boots for 2 years because every pair I've tried have been too wide.  Annoying.   These particular boots come in black and a gorgeous cognac color, and are sold out in all but the smallest and largest sizes. 

So that's the plan so far.  Black boots, puffy coat, dress or 2, and some work clothes.  Cheap layering tees. Oh, and a new pair of skinny jeans or 2.  And maybe a sweater.   And a new scarf.  Maybe I need to tweak the plan a little bit. :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  The weather has been terrible here this week.  103 degrees with blazing sun on Wednesday, 63 degrees and raining today.   Hoping to get some beach time in on Sunday!

Still here!

I know.  Its been over 2 months since I've done a blog post.  I have been super busy with the end of school, a quick vacation, lots of summer activities for the girls, and longer hours at work.  I haven't been able to shop much, and my outfits haven't really been super exciting either.   I have been keeping up with my favorite blogs and loving all of the summer outfits and sale finds!

With the fall collections coming out all over the place, I know I am going to have a lot more to say since its my favorite shopping season, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, here are a few phone pics of recent outfits.

Tee and shorts- J. Crew Factory
Handprints on mirror- courtesy of my 3 year old 

Bag- J. Crew Canvas Tillary Tote
Sunglasses- Dior

Skirt- J. Crew Factory
Top- Boden 
Shoes- Jack Rogers

 Dress- J. Crew
Swimsuit- Lands End
Bag and flip flops- Tory Burch

Tunic- Random Lord and Taylor brand
Leggings- American Apparel
Flip Flops- Tory Burch
Flip flops- Tory Burch

 Tank- Ann Taylor
Shoes- J. Crew

That's all for now!  Hope my 20 followers are still checking in! :)