Monday, February 27, 2012

J.Crew, Anthropologie & Ann Taylor reviews 2.27

Hello!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I have a bunch of reviews to share today!

I am finally using my real camera, so the pictures are a little bit better.  I still can't find the remote though.   Also, my almost 3 year old has the best mirrors in the house (80s fab mirrored doors on her closet) so don't mind her stuff in the background.  I also realized after I uploaded the pics that her mirror has little hand prints all over it.  Its been cleaned as of a few minutes ago!

I picked up the Striped Maxi Skirt at J.Crew this weekend.  I don't see it online so it may be in store only.  My store also had it in solid purple.  I am not usually a long skirt person but I am all about stripes, and I am trying to branch out a bit for spring and summer.   Plus we are going on vacation in April and I think this will be great to wear on the plane.   I am wearing an XS and it fits nicely.  Its also a good length on me at 5'5.  I can wear it with flip flops and it doesn't drag on the ground.  The only issue I have with the skirt is that its a little thin, so it has the potential to show lumps and bumps in the back!

Next is the Geometric Print Shift Dress from Ann Taylor.  I've had my eye on this since it came out, and I am going to wear it to a casino night fundraiser for my 5 year old's school next month.  I am wearing a Petite Small because I like boxier dresses to be a little shorter.  The regular Small looked weird because it was at the knee on me.  That's good for the taller ladies though!   

The print is only on the front of the dress, but that doesn't bother me.  Maybe it would if I had paid full price, but it was 50% off with my discount.  The back is solid navy with a keyhole/gold button closure. 

The almost 3 year old had to jump in this picture.  Fair enough since I was using her room for the photoshoot.

Bailey 44 Layered Column Dress from Anthropologie.   After reading endless reviews about how fantastic this dress is, and seeing pictures of it looking good on a million different body types, I had to try it.  I never buy dresses like this.  But I like it!  Its strangely flattering even though its so form fitting.  I am wearing a medium here.  I tried the small and although it didn't necessarily look tighter, it definitely felt tighter!  I am still debating keeping it because its overpriced and I feel like I don't have good shoe options for it other than my super old tan boots.   

Side view.  Its a little bootylicious, but not totally scandalous.

And the other side

J. Crew Ella dress in Medallion Paisley.  I was pleasantly surprised by this dress.  I saw it online and loved it, but wasn't sure how it would look on me because I usually avoid strapless dresses.  This dress is really well made and flattering.   Its cotton with an acetate lining, the colors are great, and it has pockets!  Love pockets.  The top has boning and it has a separate zipper and snap for the "bra" part of the dress.  I am wearing a size 4, so I think this is a little more true to size for J.Crew!   I am going to wear this to a wedding in May with the nude patent pumps in the pic.  They are the Ramona II by Sofft. 

I think that's all for now!  Have a great evening!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February J.Crew and Old Navy Reviews

Hi all!   Things have been busy over here but I do have a few recent outfit pictures and reviews.   Again, forgive the terrible picture quality.   I really need to charge the battery on my real camera.  I even have a remote for that bad boy somewhere.  That would probably help to make my blog pics look less awkward since I won't be crossing my eyes to try to get a phone pic of myself.  

Anyway, first up is the Old Navy bird print blouse.   After seeing this cute top on ShopwithM and ShOperaRach, I knew I wanted to try it on.   Its not my usual style and everyone in my family has made a comment about it ("are those tennis raquets?  jalapeno peppers?"), but I love it.  Its not the best quality in the world, but it doesn't immediately scream polyester to me either.   I wouldn't have bought this if it wasn't ON priced, because well, its a bird shirt.  I like it with jeans and boots for now, and it will be cute with flats later.  I can also see it looking good with shorts and flip flops.  We'll see.  I got it for around $25 when ON was doing a promo, but I think its even cheaper in the stores right now.  I saw a bunch on the sale racks there today.   

Next up is the J. Crew French Dove Graphic Tee.  At least that's what I think its called.  Its not on the website anymore so I had to google.  Anyway, this is really cute, and my store had a bunch of them.  I am wearing an XS and it fits well.  I love the length of it and I really hope it doesn't shrink too much.   I can't stand too short tee shirts. 

It was 65 degrees here in the Garden State today, so I wore the tee with an old gray cardigan (Loft) and my Seven Dojo jeans.  Shoes are my favorite ballet flats, Lucky Emmies.  Didn't even need a jacket!  This is my favorite kind of weather, although I am sure my kids will be sick soon because of it. 

Now for the J. Crew Talitha Blouse in Vintage Berry.   I have lusted after this top for a long time.  I waited and waited for a full price promo since I think the price is way too high, and finally it came over Presidents' weekend.   I really wanted the Wreath color that the model is wearing, but its backordered until April, so I decided to try the berry.   I am just not sure if the top itself works on me.  I feel like the sleeves look a lot more puffed on me than they are on the model.  I am wearing a size 2, and I could possibly size down to a 0 (I tried it on in the store in navy and it fit, but I think the 2 is better).   As far as I know the stores are only carrying the navy (I called 3 of them a few weeks ago looking for the green to wear on HGTV) but there are a bunch of other colors online.

See the shoulder pouffiness?  Does it look weird?   I have the blue dove tee on underneath b/c I was too lazy to take it off, so don't mind that. :)
Update 2/25 -  I went to J. Crew today to return the Talitha and surprisingly, they had a ton of them in the green (and the pink)!  I tried both in a size down (size 0, hello vanity sizing) and the fit was much better on the shoulders (considerably less pouffy), and a little shorter in length which I liked for this top.  I wanted both of them but I ended up with the green because I think I'll get more wear out of it.  It will work in the fall and winter and I think the pink is too pink for anything but spring and early summer.  

I think that's all for now!  I still have a dress post coming soon.  Have a great night!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HGTV outfits

As I mentioned in the last post, I was filmed for an HGTV show last week with my good friend.  She is the focus of the show- I am the sidekick and shopping partner.  Good role for me, although I wouldn't have minded the professionally decorated room!  For those that don't know me personally, you don't know that my kitchen is beyond hideous.  Its like the 70s and 80s got married and had a child up in there.  I am dying to remodel it, but it isn't in the budget at the moment.  Hopefully next year.

Anyway, since we had to be in the city at the crack of dawn each day, I didn't take any outfit pics.  I did attempt to make sets on polyvore, but I think I am doing something wrong because they look weird.  Here they are anyway.

Day 1 was the ambush surprise and a trip to an art gallery for inspiration. I can't find images of what I wore online at the moment, so I'll skip that day for now.

Day 2 was the shopping day at a really cool design store, Marimekko.  We were supposed to dress casual and in bright colors.

Shopping day for HGTV

J Crew knit sweater
$118 -

Ann Taylor tall pants
$98 -

Naturalizer leather boots
$50 -

Day 3 was crazy. We had to go back into the city in our day 1 outfits to see the lounge at the Hudson Hotel. Then we rushed home to change into dressier outfits for the big reveal. Here's what I wore for that.
HGTV reveal outfit

J Crew print dress
$188 -

Clarks soft leather boots
$200 -

Have a great day, all! Stay tuned for a post highlighting 2 awesome dresses!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Long time, no blog!

Its been crazy over here!  I've been busy working and doing the usual kid stuff, and last week, I was a tv star.   Well, sort of.  Maybe more like an extra.  My friend Heather's husband surprised her by applying to be on a new HGTV show, "Momcaves" so that she could have a space of her own in their house.  Isn't that sweet?   He also asked me if I would want to be filmed shopping with her and going on "inspiration trips" for the room.   How could I say no???  So we spent most of last week in the city bopping from store to gallery to trendy hotel being filmed with the host of the show, Beth Stern (wife of Howard).   It was totally embarrassing but totally fun.   And Heather's new room is really cool.  Maybe I'll give my faithful readers a heads up when it airs.  

We had to dress casually for the show, but I liked my outfits, so I'll have those coming.  I have also been dress shopping a lot lately- we have a wedding and a fundraiser coming up, so I'll share what I bought.  

For now I have to run to the bus stop and then to the library for my older daughter's Dr. Suess project.  The excitement never ends over here!