Monday, February 27, 2012

J.Crew, Anthropologie & Ann Taylor reviews 2.27

Hello!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I have a bunch of reviews to share today!

I am finally using my real camera, so the pictures are a little bit better.  I still can't find the remote though.   Also, my almost 3 year old has the best mirrors in the house (80s fab mirrored doors on her closet) so don't mind her stuff in the background.  I also realized after I uploaded the pics that her mirror has little hand prints all over it.  Its been cleaned as of a few minutes ago!

I picked up the Striped Maxi Skirt at J.Crew this weekend.  I don't see it online so it may be in store only.  My store also had it in solid purple.  I am not usually a long skirt person but I am all about stripes, and I am trying to branch out a bit for spring and summer.   Plus we are going on vacation in April and I think this will be great to wear on the plane.   I am wearing an XS and it fits nicely.  Its also a good length on me at 5'5.  I can wear it with flip flops and it doesn't drag on the ground.  The only issue I have with the skirt is that its a little thin, so it has the potential to show lumps and bumps in the back!

Next is the Geometric Print Shift Dress from Ann Taylor.  I've had my eye on this since it came out, and I am going to wear it to a casino night fundraiser for my 5 year old's school next month.  I am wearing a Petite Small because I like boxier dresses to be a little shorter.  The regular Small looked weird because it was at the knee on me.  That's good for the taller ladies though!   

The print is only on the front of the dress, but that doesn't bother me.  Maybe it would if I had paid full price, but it was 50% off with my discount.  The back is solid navy with a keyhole/gold button closure. 

The almost 3 year old had to jump in this picture.  Fair enough since I was using her room for the photoshoot.

Bailey 44 Layered Column Dress from Anthropologie.   After reading endless reviews about how fantastic this dress is, and seeing pictures of it looking good on a million different body types, I had to try it.  I never buy dresses like this.  But I like it!  Its strangely flattering even though its so form fitting.  I am wearing a medium here.  I tried the small and although it didn't necessarily look tighter, it definitely felt tighter!  I am still debating keeping it because its overpriced and I feel like I don't have good shoe options for it other than my super old tan boots.   

Side view.  Its a little bootylicious, but not totally scandalous.

And the other side

J. Crew Ella dress in Medallion Paisley.  I was pleasantly surprised by this dress.  I saw it online and loved it, but wasn't sure how it would look on me because I usually avoid strapless dresses.  This dress is really well made and flattering.   Its cotton with an acetate lining, the colors are great, and it has pockets!  Love pockets.  The top has boning and it has a separate zipper and snap for the "bra" part of the dress.  I am wearing a size 4, so I think this is a little more true to size for J.Crew!   I am going to wear this to a wedding in May with the nude patent pumps in the pic.  They are the Ramona II by Sofft. 

I think that's all for now!  Have a great evening!


  1. Great reviews, thanks! I picked up that maxi skirt too. :) It's just so soft and comfy and I love the pop of blue. The medallion dress looks fabulous on you and I think it's perfect for a wedding with the nude heels. So nice that it has pockets! The AT dress is cute on you and it's just right for a casino night. I think you're right to get the petite -- this would look strange too long IMO.

  2. thanks for reading! :) I am excited to wear the maxi skirt- I am picturing it with a white or gray tee or tank and a denim jacket. And flip flops of course.

  3. I totally take photos in my daughter's mirror. :) Her's is AWESOME, full length and good lighting.

    I adore that your daughter got in the photo, too, what a CUTIE!

    I think the maxi skirt is so pretty and lovely for summer. Great choice.

    The others are really pretty, as well. Definite date night with the strapless one, though... ;) Well, okay, wedding, but also a date night???

  4. thanks Dina! The almost 3 year old says thanks, too. :)

    I think the strapless dress will definitely work for a date night! I am seeing it with flat sandals and a jean jacket.

  5. The shoes you have on w/the Medallion dress look like they would pair nicely w/the Bailey 44 dress. I love that Ann Taylor dress. I tried on the maxi skirts today. They have a nice flow.