Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old Navy (and AT Loft) Reviews- Tons of Graphic tees!

I love tee shirts.  And I love stuff on them too.  I guess it stems from those Banana Republic tees in the early 90s.  You know, the ones with the maps on them.   I know you all had one too.   And then it was the Abercrombie tees in high school.  I may or may not still have one of those.

Anyway, I haven't bought too many tees lately so I was starting to feel some withdrawals.

Here is the Trench Girl Boatneck Tee from Loft.  Its sold out online but my store still had two.  I am wearing an XS but would have preferred the Small.  Its stretchy enough though that I think it still works.  I have a navy skirt that will be great with this tee but I was too lazy to change.  See the tee on Shopwithm.  Her styling is much better!

This one is the 3/4 Sleeve Graphic tee from Old Navy.  Its on sale online for $12.50 but they were $6.94 in the store.  Can't beat $7 for a cute tee.  And its actually a decent weight and length.  Its much thicker than the Loft tee above and the French dove tee from J.Crew as well.  I am wearing a Small and it fits TTS.  I tried to stuff myself into the XS in the red version b/c that was all that they had, but it wasn't happening.   See a few more ON graphic tees on Gigi here.


These are the Slub Knit Graphic tees.  Almost the same as the one above, but these have slits on the sides and are a little shorter in length.   These guys are $9.99 online but also $6.94 in the store.   I am wearing a Small in both colors.

This is Old Navy's Cropped Trench Coat.   The color is Orange Snap, and its definitely a red-orange vs. a true orange.  I like the color a lot but the fit isn't perfect.  Its a little wide in the body but I couldn't have sized down because of the shoulders.  I don't have big shoulders or anything, but I feel like I am constantly having this issue.  Its annoying.  It was on promo in the store for $29.99.   I am definitely in the market for a spring coat and don't want to break the bank on it so I'll probably keep this even though its not perfect.  See it here on Gigi.

Buttoned up.  I like it better unbuttoned, I think. 

Finally, the Rope Print Scarf.  $12.94 in the store.  Love this.  It looks more expensive than is for sure.

Hope you all have a great day!  Its sunny and almost 70 here and we are loving it.  Thanks again for reading and welcome to the new followers! :)


  1. These are some great tees!!! My daughter would WANT me to get the one with the eiffel tower. Since returning from Paris, she is obsessed with the city's symbol. :)

    $6.50 is a great price, maybe I can swing by the ON near our house and make her day.

    It was glorious here, too...75 or so?

  2. how cute! Definitely worth it for $7 and they are actually decent tees!

  3. Love some of those graphic tees! Thanks for the reviews....

  4. Thanks for the link love. The $30 price on that peacoat is good. I guess they want to give some layering room in the body? It seemed to fit ok there, but I tried the PM, which is definitely a better fit for me. The graphic tees are looking even cuter and you're right about the weight. More substantial than other retailers.