Monday, March 19, 2012

My fabulous (out of season) find

I'll admit it.  I am not usually and end of season or off season shopper.   I need the instant gratification of wearing something the day after I get it and don't usually like to purchase something for the next season in case I change my mind about it or gain weight or whatever.  

Anyway, there are a always exceptions to the rule, and for me they are usually coats and shoes.  Today it was shoes.  I was at the J'Crewlet returning something and since it was so nice out, my younger daughter and I spent the morning walking around the outlets and browsing.   I am always looking for more ballet flats, so we ended up in Cole Haan.  I found myself face to boot with these.  The Air Kennedys that I have been lusting after since September. 

I could not stomach the $398 price tag in the fall, especially since the heel is pretty high for me.   Today, they were $179 and the store was doing $50 off of $150 making them $129.  Score.  I wear a size 9-9.5 and they only had a 9.   I tried them on and they were too small on the right foot so I dragged myself out of there without them.   I thought about them the entire ride home so I decided to google.  Lo and behold, they were on for even less- $119.40 with free shipping.  70% off!  So they are on their way to me right now.  Of course I won't be wearing them right now since it was 80 degrees here today, but I know that I will still love them in the fall. Some things are worth the wait!

Are you an end of season shopper?   What are your best off season finds? 

I do have some outfit pics coming up, I am just lazy with uploading pics!  Have a great day, all!


  1. Amazing deal!!! Good for you to pass on the ones that weren't the perfect fit. It totally worked out.

  2. I basically only shop off season. that is why I have the amazing large wardrobe that I do! I have gotten so many deals I wouldn't know where to begin. Great buy on your shors!